Who we are

Intelligent solution with a preventive approach.

Sykn was created and tested by a company witha solid reputation and credibility within the marketand which decided to innovate on loss prevention.

Who we are

How to preventively identify?


How to have organised and accessible information to accelerate decision making?

Sykn is intelligence and technology developed by a team of expertsin risks and processes.

The solution

Losses - a daily challenge for companies.

Operational mistakes, fraud, corruption…Some risks can potentially affect the company’s reputation. To prevent losses within the existing scope is rather defying–conventionally doing this is complicated, costly, and not very efficient.

Technology is crucial to generate efficient results.

Sykn constantly analyses risk scenarios -it works 24/7 to avoid losses, to generate efficiency, and to improve the company’s results.

Understand the settings, accelerate decisions, improve results.

In an increasingly dynamic and digital world, intelligence is the power of algorithms at your reach.

Custom-built solution

Sykn can be custom-built to meet different business sectors and processes.

Serves several segments

- Industry
- Finance market
- Commerce
- Services


Custom-built risks scenarios


Solutions for big and small data volume

Pay for the service

After the implementation, monthly recurring payments according to the consumption of service and support

It is flexible and scalable for big and small data volume. Once implemented, you rely onthe support of experts to help you out with all necessary adjustments.

Assessment of complex risks scenarios, with combined events.

Sykn generates better results in an efficient, structured, and sustainable manner.

  • It monitors processes and transactions 24/7

  • It recognizesthe combination of events and intricate scenarios that presentrisks of losses.

  • It creates warnings and/or blocks suspicious operations

  • It allows managers to follow-up in real-time

  • Decision-making and adjustment of processes to avoid losses


With Sykn the benefits are evident.

• Real-time detection

• Reduction of costs and controls

• Better compliance.

• Increased accuracy of audit works.

Your company with measurable
results of loss prevention.

Cases of success

Where to prevent?

  • Supplies

    Undue payments made
    to suppliers

  • Logistics

    Meeting delivery

  • Sales

    Payment of undue

  • RR. HH.

    New employees
    and kinship

  • Compliance

    wrongly accounted for.
    Reimbursements and benefits
    unduly paid

How does Skyn work:


Sykn is an ideal and custom-built solution for your company.
Come and talk to our team and stand ahead in loss prevention